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France - Entering with Pets

Depending on the country of departure, you might have an easier or tougher job clearing customs on the departure than on landing. However before bringing your pets to France make sure that there are no new measures in force.

The basic requirements are:

- Your animal must be at least three months old.
- it must not belong to any exotic or endangered species, whose import is strictly forbidden.
- You must have the following papers for your pets (dogs, cats); an updated antirabies vaccination and a test done three months prior departure to prove it from a lab approved by the French Customs (click here for the list) and a "good health" certificate released by the local authorities of the country of departure
- your animal must have an ID (either a tattoo or an electronic chip identification).
Airlines have information on all paperwork needed if you enter the country by plane.

These countries are dispensed from the need of a lab test for the anoi-rabies: Andorre, Antigua et Barbuda, Antilles néerlandaises, Argentine, Aruba, Australie, Bahreïn, Barbade, Belarus, Bermudes, Bosnie-et-Herzégovine, Bulgarie, Canada, Chili, Croatie, Emirats Arabes Unis, Etats Unis d’Amérique (y compris Guam), Fidji, Hong Kong, Iles de l’Ascension, Iles Caïman, Iles Falkland, Iles Wallis et Futuna, Islande, Jamaïque, Japon, Liechtenstein, Maurice, Mayotte, Mexique, Monaco, Montserrat, Norvège, Nouvelle Calédonie, Nouvelle Zélande, Polynésie Française, Fédération de Russie, Saint Christophe et Nevis, Sainte Hélène, San Marin, Saint Pierre et Miquelon, Saint Vincent et les Grenadines, Singapour, Suisse, Taiwan, Trinidad-et-Tobago,Vatican, Vanuatu. 

Upon arrival it is rare to be asked by the ground personnel at the airport for the thick dossier you might have collected for your pet.

For more information refer to:

Information in English 

Ministère de l'Agriculture de la Pêche et de l'Alimentation
Sous-Direction de la Santé et de la Protection animale

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