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France - Electricity and Gas

Most operations can be done online. The english version of the EDF GDF website

To enrol, you can fill in the form from the EDF GDF website. To simplify the process of opening an account make sure to have at hand:

  • RIB the bank identification number
  • the PDL (POINT DE LIVRAISON) of your home or the number of the meter together with the name of the previous user
  • when you move in your home you will give EDF the meter reading

If you feel confident about your french, to set up your electricity call 3929 (from a land line you are charged a local call fare) and provide a bank statement for your monthly payment to be automatically deducted from your bank account. This service is free, secure and easy to use.

You can pay your bills online, by direct debit, by mail (cheque), by phone (credit card) or by check or cash at your EDF local shop.

If you prefer to budget your expenses over the year, you can pay a monthly sum determined by a calculated estimation of your electricity consumption.

Electricity meter readings

Your electricity meters are checked every six months at the same period of the year. You can subscribe to the ‘Relevé Confiance’ service (Confidence meter readings contract) to check them on your own and submit them online, by phone (+33 820 333 433, local rate within France only) or to your EDF local shop. However EDF must check your electricity meters at least once a year.

Bills need to kept for ten years.

Tel : + 33 (0)8 1012 6126
EDF GDF english website click here

To pay various bills all in one place check this website:

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