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France - Death Overseas

In the case of death in the family, you must know how to proceed. If the person died in a hospital, he/she will be transported to a mortuary. There, they will do everything for preparing her/him according to his/her wishes.

Funeral homes are called "pompes funèbres" and can assist family members in the travel issues regarding moving the deceased across borders. Few funeral homes are specialized in this kind of service, your embassy should have the information regarding the funeral homes that can assist you.

If somebody dies at home you have to call the doctor and the fire department. They will than decide if it is also necessary to have the police present. Afterwards the doctor will be able to help you contacting a funeral home. 

If the cause of death is an higly contagious disease, the transfer of the deceased will not be allowed.

You need to obtain a death certificate from the town hall of the place of residence of the deceased. Make sure you ask for a multi-lingual one and that you ask for at least 20 copies, you will need originals both in France for bank accounts and other beaurocratic formalities and in your country of origin.

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