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France - Credit Cards

Different credit cards are offered according to your income and your usage. Just know that American Express Cards and Diners are not always accepted. The percentage fee that Amex and Diners ask of shops and restaurants is too high for some businesses. Ask for an international circuit card such as Visa or Mastercard.

So when in the process of opening a bank account, apply also for a card (basic, gold and platinum cards are available). In France you pay an annual fee to have a credit card, the more exclusive the higher the annual premium, which comes with a plethora of advantages in the form of level of insurance and protection.

If your credit/debit card has been issued by any of the states within the euro-zone, you should not incur any extra charge for payments and withdrawals in France, but ask the financial institutions that issued the card

There is a lot of trafficking with credit cards. French credit cards all require a pin code to process payment, but foreign cards where the signature only is required are at risk. Be careful when you pay with a card, don't allow waiters or shop owners to carry the card away from your direct view and be aware when you withdraw money.

If you have paid for your travel with the credit card, most likely you have a travel insurance and you should be insured in the case of fraudulent withdrawals as well as in case of travel hiccpus.

Read the fine print of yor credit card contract!

Loss or stolen cards (Visa - Master) call:
Tel: + 33 (0) 8 3669 0880 - 24h/24


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