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France - Child Benefits

Caisse Allocations Familiales CAF
If you have a French residency card and two or more children below the age of 20,  regardless of your nationality, you are entitled to receive a family allowance. Contact the agency closest to your home to discover what you are entitled to.
website: (only in French).

Monthly allowance guidelines valid till 31 december 2009:
- 123,92 € If you have two children
- 282.70 € If you have three children
- add 158.78 for each other child

Extra allowance
- 34.86 per child between 11 and 16 years old
- 61.96 € per child over 16.
For children born after 30 april 1997 there is no extra allowance.
You will receive the extra allowance of t61.96 after they have reached their 14th birthday.

Adopted children are also eligible.