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France - Car Insurance


French law requires that you have insurance for your car. Be aware, you are insuring the car not your person, never drive a car that doesn't sport the green insurance sticker.

When applying for car insurance you must produce:
- your identity card or passport
- your driving license
- your driving records from your former auto insurance agent (make sure you get a statement from your insurer before you leave your country)

If you are a beginner, or don't have a driving history, the insurance costs are very high. After two or three years of driving, prices are much lower, if you didn't have an accident in the meantime or your car wasn't stolen.

You must carry a valid insurance certificate in the form of a green card (carte verte) whenever you are driving, with a corresponding green insurance sticker clearly displayed on the windscreen.
Your insurer should give you an accident report form (constat à l'amiable). These forms are available in various languages, all with the same layout to facilitate comprehension. So ask for one in French and one in your own language. Keep them in your car.

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