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Denmark - Volunteer Jobs

Willing to contribute your time to worthy causes? Here are some ideas on what's available in Denmark.

Frivilligt Arbejde is volunteer job in Danish. A volunteer is frivillig.

Volunteering is supported at the government level and if you wish to know more about the charter for interaction between Volunteer Denmark Associations and the public sector you can read the document by clicking here.

About a third of Danes volunteer their time and they come from all social layers, although the majority who participates are people with higher education.

Volunteer work is mostly in connection with music, as for example Roskilde Festival in July, which is solely based on volunteer work, and within the sports sector.

Parents often volunteer in their child's sports club.
Within the health and social sector only about 6% of the population does volunteer work.

Web sites in English regarding volunteer job are difficult to come by, unless they are addressed to Danes wishing to join a volunteer program abroad.
Here is a list of organizations present in Denmark directly or indirectly involved with volunteering:

- Arts & Culture Joint Council for Amateurs
- Danish Committee on Volunteer Effort

- Danish Association of County Councils
- Sports Confederation of Denmark
- Danish Youth Council
- Danish Society of Polio & Accident Victims
- Danish Council of Organisations of Disabled People
- Danish Gymnastics and Sports Associations
- Danish Council for Adult Education
- Danish National Federation of Housing Associations
- Danish Association of Senior Citizens
- Danish Red Cross
- Danish Cancer Society
- Project OUTSIDE - (Projekt UDENFOR) has made an English version of their web-site in order to spread more knowledge about homelessness in Denmark to the rest of the world. Click here to know more
- The Church Cross Army

If you are looking for volunteer activities, first decide in which sector you would like to contribute and then contact the organizations directly. Do not hesitate to @sk Paguro should you need some help!

Some sports and festival organizations publish the jobs available on their web sites.

A peculiar and interesting option in organic farming for english speaking people is offered by WWOOF - Willing Workers on Organic Farms.

Through churches and Red Cross you can volunteer, amongst other things, to tend to second hand shops. The web site which lists the possibilities is only in Danish:


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