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Denmark - Travel Arrangements for Pets

By Car

There are no special regulations for traveling with your pet in a car. 

By Train

S-trains: If your pet is small enough to keep in a small bag throughout the trip, you do not need to buy a ticket (cats, small dogs). A bigger dog requires payment of a child ticket fare. The last 6 seats at the bottom of the train carriage are reserved for people with allergies, so do not go there with your dog.

You are only allowed one dog per person on the train at a time, so if you have more than one, you should consult the DSB kiosk on the station.

Inter city trains: the same rules apply as for the S-trains but you also need the reservation of the seat 'plads billet', although the seat is not for your dog to sit in, eating dog-biscuits and enjoying the trip, you need to reserve the seat in front of you to have the floor space free for your dog.

By Bus

Dogs on buses travel under the same conditions as children under the age of 16. The kiosks at S-train stations sell the tickets too.

By Boat.

You can bring your pets on the ferries around Denmark without any problem. Your pet should either be in a pet carrier or on a leash, and not bother the other passengers. On some boats there are assigned pet areas. Get information when you buy your ticket.

By Plane

Please refer to Pets paperwork document


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