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Denmark - Moving Companies

When moving it is a good idea to let an international moving company take care of your belongings. They move your things from door to door, across borders and continents and can take care of all the practical aspects. It is advisable to let the company care for packing and unpacking because, not only are they professionals at this job, it also makes insurance procedures easier. After packing the movers will hand you a list of the packed items and their condition.
Moving companies usually work between 8 am and 4 pm, with 30 min lunch break. In a packing crew at least one person will speak english.

Paguro tip: Be present when they pack to supervise and assure that you get the right things packed. Garbage bags have been seen to cross continents as well as the suitcase you thought you had put aside for the last days in the hotel!

We advice you to contact more than one company and get a written offer, once they have seen what you need to transport, before making a decision.

In connection with international shipments "General Conditions for International Removals" apply which makes the moving company responsible for possible damages. There is a limit to amounts paid as compensation so an extra insurance when moving is preferable.
The moving companies can advice you on this.

The moving company will also be responsible for custom procedures.

The duration of a shipment varies according to distance of course. An average transport time for a shipment from New York to Denmark is around 35 days but you will know more about the duration of your particular shipment once you consult the moving companies.


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