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Denmark - Legal ages for...

Drinking: 18yrs old
Danes drink quite a bit and that goes for teen-agers as well. Often they will start drinking at parties already around the age of 13!

Driving cars: 18yrs old
Driving lessons and a passed driving test is required before you in any way are allowed behind the wheel.
Moped licence: 16 yrs old.
Lessons are offered by the state for a little amount of money and required before receiving the license. Information can be found at the local municipal office.

Working: 15yrs old (13yrs old).
The minimum legal age for full-time employment is 15. The law sets a minimum age for part-time employment of 13; however, school-age children are limited to less strenuous tasks. The law contains provisions that limit work hours and sets occupational health and safety restrictions for children. The law is enforced by the Danish Working Environment Service (DWES), an autonomous arm of the Ministry of Labor.

Voting: 18yrs old.

Consensual sex: 15yrs old.
Sex, as alcohol, seems to enter young people's lives before the permitted age.

Marriage: 18yrs old.

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