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Denmark - Import a car

How to import a car to Denmark and how inconvenient it is.

If you are considering bringing your car into the country you should be aware of the high registration taxes applied on imported cars.

The registration tax is calculated based on an estimate of the value of the car in question, related to the price in Denmark, of a similar car inclusive of VAT but not the registration tax which is excluded.

For an idea of the value of used cars try
The website is unfortunately only in danish, but you can get an idea of what the value of your car is by clicking on vurdering ved import. It would probably be better to get assistance from someone who speaks danish to use this.

Useful vocabulary:

Mærke: brand
Årgang: year
Kilometerstand: kilometers run
Postnummer: zip code (just put any, the one of your company if you do not have an address yet)

You find at your regional customs and tax authorities office the form "Value assessment of vehicle", which you will have to submit together with your car's registration number.

The regional customs and tax authorities determine the value of your car and forward you a claim on a deposit of the duty.

Based on the age of the car, the tax is calculated in the following way:
1-2 years old - 105 % of 53,700 DKK and 180 % of the remaining amount.
2-3 years old -105 % of 44,400 DKK and 180 % of the remaining amount.
3-4 years old - 105 % of 35,100 DKK and 180 % of the remaining amount. 
4-5 years old - 105 % of 25,900 DKK and 180 % of the remaining amount. 
5-6 years old - 105 % of 16,700 DKK and 180 % of the remaining amount.  
Over 6 years old - 105 % of 7,400 DKK and 180 % of the remaining amount. 

Example for a 2 ½ year old car (Value in Danish Kroner, DKK)
Estimated value of the used car          80.000
105 % of 44.400                                46.620
108 % of (80.000 minus 44.400)      64.080
Total                                                 190.700 DKK


Your car should be registered with Told skat which is the Danish Tax and Custom authority.
website in Danish only:

When registering your imported car you should have the following:

  • Your car ready for registration and recently inspected (MOT test)
  • Approval from the State's Motor Vehicle Inspection
  • Your foreign registration certificate
  • Receipt for payment of duty (when purchased in a non-EC country)
  • Cash or a bank issued cheque to pay the deposit of the duty

After paying the deposit of the registration duty, you receive a certificate, which you should bring along when registering your car at the police station (The Motor Office).

The final value assessment is carried out subsequently by a special evaluation authority which is independent of the official tax authorities.

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