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Denmark - Animal Department

In general it is fair to say that animals in Denmark have a pretty good life. You do not have stray dogs or cats living in the streets and should anything happen to an animal, most Danes would stop and take action in one way or another.

Nevertheless, things do occur and the Animal Department (Dyrenes Beskyttelse in Danish) is the organisation monitoring the living conditions of pets, wild animals, farm animals and animals for research.

Dyrenes Beskyttelse also have a kennel (Internat) where they keep pets who arrived at the animal department. With approval of the animal department and payment of a smaller fee, you can adopt a pet here (only in Danish)

For emergencies you should call Falck + 45 7010 2030

Falck is an emergency response organisation which is available for companies, private persons and do also work for the public sector in case of animals in distress.

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