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Copenhagen - Summer Camps

It is probably fair to say, that sending kids off to Summer camps is not really part of the Danish culture. Not only are all Danes entitled to at least 5 weeks of Summer holiday but also the schools have a much shorter Summer break than that seen in many other countries.
Generally, schools have a small break of one week every two months, and the Summer break is not much more than the 5-6 weeks, starting at the end of June and resuming school the beginning of August.
This way parents can spend time with their children should they choose to, and they mostly do. As a consequence, Summer camps are often more Summer day camps, or if overnight, parents are involved, making it a family activity.

Sports are, no surprise, the big thing to do and the Danske Gymnastik & Idræts Forbund does organize a variety of activities:

DGI, Danish Gymnastics and Sports Associations
DK-7100 Vejle - Denmark
Tel. +45 79 40 40 40
Fax +45 79 40 40 80
E-mail: [email protected]

Onside Sports Camp, just north-west of Copenhagen has also a variety of sports activities offered during the Summer.
For information:

Tel: + 45 56 20 40 00
e-mail: [email protected]

Football day camps are also organized by the Danish Football Union, DBU, which is very popular. They have a website in English:

Ask at your municipal office for information in your area, or go directly to the organisation, if you have a particular activity in mind you would like your child to attend during the Summer.


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