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Copenhagen - Postal System

How to find the post office or mail box closer to you, opening time in town and some practical information regarding the postal service in Copenhagen.

The logo of the Danish mail system, Post Danmark,  is a red with a golden horn inside.

Post Office (Posthus)

Post offices are open from 10.00 til 17.30. On Saturdays they close at 13.00 as many other shops. To send big letters or packages you need to get to the post office where they will weigh it for you to determine the amount of stamps you need. In the post office you can also find stationery and cards as well as some other 'paper related' items.


To mail a normal letter, max 50 g. you need a stamp of 4 kr 50 øre. Stamps can be bought in the post office, supermarkets and kiosks or can be bought online at the Post Danmark website.
A letter mailed within the country generally takes one day to be delivered.


Mailboxes (Postkasser)

Mailboxes are red and can be found either on the side of the street, attached to a column, or on the sides of buildings. The mailbox has the pick up time written on it. The mail man changes these times every time he empties the mail box. Generally it is once a day for mailboxes not in the post office.
Post Danmark has an excellent English website (if you wish to consult it click here)

To find your the mail box and post office closest to your home on the Post Danmark website click here

With the following vocabulary you can try searching for your closest post office and mailbox in Danish too!

Enter your street name, house number, zip code and search.

If you put the cursor on the icon for mailbox (postkasse) the times the mail will be picked up will appear, as will the opening times of the post office on the square icon of the post office.

Useful Vocabulary

Street -  Gade
Zip code - post nummer
Office hours - åbnings tider
Search - Søg
Post office - post hus
Stamp - frimærke
Envelope - konvolut
Package - pakke
Send - sende
Big - stor
Small - lille
Mail box - post kasse