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Copenhagen - Hospitals

In Copenhagen there are four, big, state-run hospitals and four smaller ones, which service the areas in and around the capital. Hospital care is free for Danish residents.

As soon as you have chosen your new home it is a good idea to locate the hospital your residential area is connected to. Particularly for emergencies.

In the hospital (Sygehus - in Danish) the Emergency ward (Skadestue in Danish) is clearly indicated and is open 24/7, with few exceptions like Herlev Hospital.

In case of emergency, you are free to go to whichever hospital is closest of course. Should you have an emergency, remember to bring you Danish health insurance card!

Emergency phone number 112: Should you have an emergency and not be able to transport yourself to the hospital call 112!

Large hospitals in Copenhagen

Gentofte Amts Sygehus (North Copenhagen)
Tel: +45 39 77 39 77

Glostrup Amts Sygehus (South-west Copenahgen)
Tel: +45 43 63 00 34

Herlev Amts Sygehus (North-west Copenahgen)
Tel: +45 44 88 44 88
Note: Herlev Emergency ward is only open between 07.00 and 23.00.
After 23.00 you have to go to one of the other hospitals.

Amager Amts Sygehus
On the island of Amager, right in front of the capital.
Tel: +45 32 34 32 34

Smaller hospitals in Copenhagen

Hvidovre Hospital
Tel: +45 36 32 36 32

Frederiksberg Hospital
Tel: +45 38 16 38 16

Bispebjerg Hospital
Tel: +45 35 31 35 31

Note: Does not have an Emergency ward.


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