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Copenhagen - Child Benefits

Are there any? If so are you entitled? How do you apply?

Child Benefit is børne penge in Danish.

As a tax paying resident in Denmark you are entitled to receive child benefits from the state.  The amount is paid quarterly to the parents, not the child, until the child reaches the age of 18. This is a fixed amount and is not related to your income.
Child benefit is paid on January 20th, April 20th, July 20th and October 20th.

To give you and idea of the amount, here are the benefit amounts for 2007:
- Baby-support (0-2 years old): 3.473 DKK quarterly (13,892 annually)
- Toddler support (3-6 years old): 3.138 DKK quarterly (12,552 annually)
- Child family support (7-17 years old): 2.469 DKK quarterly (9876 annually)

When reaching the age of 18 the child, if studying, will be eligible for studiestøtte (student benefit). This amount is calculated bsed on the parents' income.

You need to apply for both of these two benefits at the municipal office (kommune kontor) of your area.

When you apply for child benefit you need to look for: ansøg om børnefamilie ydelse.