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Copenhagen - Bus

The bus system in Copenhagen

HT (Hovedstadens trafikselskab) is the company servicing the capital and suburbs. They work closely with DSB (Danske Stats Baner) which is the train operator. Buses are yellow as is the signs at the bus stop.

Buses run every 3-4 minutes during rush hours and every 20 minutes off peak time.

Night buses

Night buses are available every night in the city as well as to many towns in the surrounding area from 1.00 am to 5.00 am.

Harbour bus

Runs in Copenhagen Harbour from the Royal Library to The Little Mermaid with stops in Nyhavn and by the opera house. They are also yellow as the road buses.


Single/return ride tickets can be bought on the bus, in the front, from the driver.
10-trip cards, which can also be used on the trains, you can buy at stations and in some supermarkets. The capital and surroundings are divided into Zones so your ticket will refer to how many zones you can travel in.
1 ticket can cover 1,2 or 4 zones (areas) of the city, according to which card you bought.
On all stations and at bus stops you will find a map clearly indicating these zone divisions of the capital and surroundings.

Each zone will have a different colour. This is for you to verify through how many zones you will travel, in order for you to get the right ticket, or right number of 'cuts' on your 10-trip card.
For buses you can also get monthly, semi-annual and annual cards.

You always enter from the front of the bus, unless you are bringing a pram or push chair. Requesting the bus to stop, at the next bus stop, you just ring one of the bells on the poles inside the bus. The driver generally do not name the stops.

Handicapped passengers

Most buses have a collapsible slope by the middle doors. You will find a special call button to the right of the doors on the outside of the bus. You must push this button in order to get the driver to unfold the slope. Please observe that the driver will not provide personal assistance with getting in and out of the bus.


Note: be very careful when getting off the bus. Often you will step down on the bicycle lane and despite the fact that you do have precedence, it is a good idea to look out for approaching bikes.

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