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Copenhagen - Alteration and Tailors

Where to have sewing's jobs done in Copenhagen

Tailor in Danish is Skrædder and so is the name of the shop.

Alterations can often be made by the shop where you have purchases your item.

Tailor-made clothes are not a common occurrence in Denmark, but even if few in numbers there are tailors available for this service.

Wedding dresses, which these days are very big and traditional in style, are probably the dresses most often made by tailors, and in these cases you should look for a shop specialized for this.

Most tailors are in the city center area and they can do anything for you, from alterations, evening dresses to pillowcases and curtains.

Useful vocabulary:
Wedding dress - 'brudekjole'
Wedding - 'bryllup'
Trousers - 'bukser'
Hem - 'lægge op'
Dress - 'kjole'
Jacket - 'jakke'
Suite - 'jakke sæt'
Men - 'herre'
Ladies - 'dame'







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