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Houston - Seniors

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Houston - Housing for seniors

There are many different options today for senior housing and the glossary below will help you understand some of the options available in Texas.

Senior Housing options

Apartments - For seniors, who are totally independent, these have no facilities such as meals, activities or programs included.

Retirement - Provision of amenities on request. Totally independent living with amenities such as meals, transportation and activities usually included in a monthly fee.

Assisted living - Multi-unit facilities that provide assistance with daily activities such as bathing, dressing and medication.

Residential - These are usually single-family homes, licensed in the provision of medication, bathing and dressing assistance.

Alzheimer’s - There are specific facilities offering specialized programs for residents suffering from Alzheimer's Disease or other forms of memory loss. One can also find programs offered by Residential, Assisted Living or Nursing facilities.

Nursing - These are facilities that are licensed to provide skilled nursing services or rehabilitation under the supervision of licensed nurses.

Home care - Covers both companies that provide licensed health care services in the home and companies that provide non-medical assistance with such tasks as bathing, dressing, meal preparation and transportation. Medicare and Medicaid provide financial assistance in some cases. 

Hospice - Hospice care may take place in the home or a care facility. Services can include pain management and a variety of emotional, spiritual and physical support issues. Medicare, and Medicaid provide financial assistance in some cases.

Day care
Various programs providing a range of geriatric day services, including social, nutrition, nursing, and rehabilitation. Some programs offer more limited services.

Care Management - Care managers offer advisory services addressing a variety of senior issues, such as selecting a senior residence, choosing in-home care providers and the financial options. The usual process is to evaluate the individual situation regarding health needs, housing choices and financial position and produces a recommendation care plan.
The Social Security Administration determines Medicaid eligibility for people who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI), while the Texas Department of Human Services (DHS) determines eligibility for everyone else. Then the Texas Department of Health (TDH) oversees your personal benefits in evaluating your status for the above.


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