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Houston - Volunteer jobs

Contribute to your community
There are so many volunteer opportunities in Houston, unfortunately it is impossible to mention them all. However, we would advise the following areas, even if you can only volunteer for just a few hours a week; this small gesture is very valuable to others. 

Please think seriously about volunteering. Expatriates have so much to offer and you also get to meet a lot of interesting people.
The Houston community is always looking for volunteers and a great place to start is schools and libraries. Charitable Choice is a Texas based community project that has a volunteer bulletin board on their website.

Many of the hospitals have volunteer programs. If you speak another language, do sign up as an amateur translator, a letter writer or someone to visit the terminally ill.

The libraries are usually running read/write improvement projects for children and adults as well as English Language programs, where volunteers are needed.

The community radio and non commercial radio stations are constantly looking for volunteer support during their fund raising drives – this is often a good addition to your Curriculum Vitae, or your self esteem and a chance to have some fun and meet other people! Try it!

The schools here expect a great deal of support from parents in supporting school activities, chaperoning trips and supporting band, dance and sport functions, so allow time in your schedule for these activities.

Every sports team at an amateur level requires volunteers, each community and park advertises its sports teams practices   watch out for these.

Churches and religious groups
Churches and religious groups are always seeking volunteers. The best way to learn about these opportunities is to check the telephone book for churches and groups local to you.

All of the theaters are constantly looking for volunteers; check out the websites suggested in the Opera, Theater and Dance section of Paguro.

Houston Area Women’s Center  
1010 Waugh Drive
USA 77019
Tel: + 1 713 528 6798
Houston Area Women’s Center (HAWC) is a non profit organization which has extensive volunteer opportunities to provide shelter and support services to survivors of both domestic and sexual violence.

Fort Bend County Women’s Shelter
Tel: + 1 281 342 4357
Another branch of the Women’s Shelters is situated in Richmond, Fort Bend County, which may be more convenient to volunteer for if you are living in the South of Houston.

Star of Hope Mission  
6897 Ardmore
Tel: + 1 713 748 0700
This is a Christian organization providing shelter, transitional living and rehabilitation programs for the homeless and people who find themselves in difficult circumstances. Here we have mentioned solely the women’s shelter, the Star of Hope also runs other male and family shelters, the website has more details.

Women and Family Emergency Shelter
419 Dowling
Tel: + 1 713 222 2220
Run by Star of Hope

Coalition for the Homeless
1021 Main St, Ste 2080
Tel: + 1 713 739 7514
It is alleged that there are 10,000 homeless people in Houston in abandoned buildings, shanty towns and cars. The average age is 9 years old. Could you make a difference by volunteering for a few hours a week?

Boy Scouts
1911 Bagby Street
Tel: + 1 713 659 8111
Sam Houston Area Council represents Harris and Fort Bend County (and other counties) and supports some 300 boy scouts clubs. Voluntary support is required for boys at 1st through 12th grade to help in activities that improve skill and character building.

Boys and Girls Clubs
1520 A Airline
Tel: + 1 713 868 3426
With eight clubs and three satellites, they offer after school and holiday support where volunteers can work in the arts and crafts, fundraising, mentoring, administrative, clerical work and chaperoning

Girl Scouts
3110 Southwest Freeway
Tel: + 1 713 292 0300
The San Jacinto Girl Scout Council is all about building character, value and skills. Especially if you have Spanish as a second language, you can make a critical difference to these girls from ages eight to eighteen.

Child Advocates  
1 West Main, Suite 300
Texas 77098
Tel: + 1 713 529 1396   /  + 1 713 529 1390
Child Advocates mobilize court appointed volunteers to speak up for abused children lost in the system. After completing training, you'll be sworn in by a juvenile court judge. As a court appointed advocate volunteer, you should be able to dedicate 1 5 hours per week to the cause. Constant training will be offered.

Friends of Child Advocates   
West Main
Tel: + 1 713 529 1396  Ext.234
email: [email protected]
This is a fund raising arm of Child Advocates which coordinates and produces special events. Volunteers are always welcome to help organize the Fall Gala, The Annual Spring Luncheon and Fashion Shows.

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