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Houston - Travel insurance

In the past it was possible to get insured only from few large insurance company, but the recent opening of the market, even in the travel sector, has meant that now you can get a quote for a travel insurance almost anywhere.
Unlike your car or home insurance though there are no fixed rates, the result is quite a variety of offering, single trip, multi-trip, annual insurance, that can be further complicated by the destinations (within USA, Europe, Africa, Asia etc). 
There are difference in cost according also to the number of people travelling, their age and the type of trip (adventurous, business, sport etc.)
The good news is that the price changes only slightly up or down.
To get a travel insurance quote you might want to start from your insurer, yes the one your car and home are insured with. A phone call may be all what it takes. There are also specialized travel insurance company.
If you prefer to fill in form online requesting a quote, be prepared to provide the destination, the age of the travelers, the lenght of the trip, the type of trip.
You might get a quote for travel insurance directly from your travel agency. Recently even banks and supermarket may offer insurance for your travel.


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