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Houston - Travel by plane

George Bush Intercontinental Airport (also known as 'Bush International' or IAH (Intercontinental Airport of Houston) is the 'hub' for Continental Airlines. There are four terminals, three serving domestic carriers and the fourth serving international carriers which is Terminal D (the Mickey Leland International Airlines Building). 

William P. Hobby Airport (also known as Hobby Airport) is a domestic airport for American flights representing all the American airlines. If you live in South West Houston, and you can choose a domestic flight from Bush International or Hobby, Hobby would be your nearest airport to drive to and a potentially less congested journey.

Payment to Airlines - should you have a US credit card, you will be able to pay directly to a vendor website or over the phone for tickets and then be able to collect them at the airport, or have issued as e-tickets or arrange for delivery to your address. If paying with cash or cheque, you will have to visit the airline desk or offices concerned. 

Foreign credit cards - Should you be holding a foreign credit card, you may book your tickets by phone, but make sure that you can receive your booking by email (always double check the spelling that has been noted down!), otherwise you will have to go to the airport to collect the ticket.

Booking online - due to the changing nature of the airline industry with the internet, code shares, frequent flier schemes etc., booking airline tickets, vacations etc. is a time consuming and can be a frustrating task in the States. 

The internet allows you the possibility of booking services from your home, but lacks any flexibility and advice that an individual can offer. All the phone links have long, automated instructions before you are ever able to speak to an individual and often, the individual may be sitting in another state, even another country. So, be prepared to do a great deal more research yourself to be knowledgeable about your trip beforehand.


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