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Houston - Teenagers Hangout

The most important aspect of your ease of travel in and around Houston has to be the orientated around the location in which you live. If you live within the city center (downtown), your ease of mixing and meeting friends is greatly increase as you can rely on the metro bus system. This is all well and good, but only if your friends live in similarly central locations! The further out of town you live, the more difficult transport becomes as you generally have to rely heavily on family and friends for transport. If you live in the master planned communities or sub-divisions, however, you may find that your friends can be living within close proximity, or at least you have the chance to make friends at the local centers or through school. Within the sub-divisions you are never far by bike or walking from a community center, of which the majority have a coffee shop, an ice cream parlour or a fast food outlet - these are generally safe, well maintained and popular with teenagers.

With the emphasis on after-school or sports activities encouraged in American leisure-time, whether you attend an international or American public school, you may find that your social life tends to be organized for you through these activities. Alternatively, it may be centered around your choice of sport or past-time. There are a tremendous amount of activities available to teenagers, both within individual sub-divisions and through clubs, be it tennis, golf, swimming, gymnastics or ice-skating, music, acting - the list is endless. All of these are well supported, usually subsidized and people will 'car pool' wherever possible. It is entirely upto you to take advantage of the tremendous facilities available to you in Houston. 

Popular hangouts in Houston include:

The Galleria 
This massive shopping center is popular for shopping and with a wide selection of shops, you are bound to find anything and everything you need or would like! There is also an indoor ice-skating rink and a multitude of eating places and cafés.

Katy Mills
Factory outlet shopping center with restaurants and a great multi screen cinema. Popular hang out for teenagers during the weekends.

Teen hot spots are

Barnes and Noble bookstore,  which stays open till 11pm most evenings, and
Starbucks café -
these are located all over Houston.


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