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Houston - Taxi

It is generally advisable to call in advance for an arranged taxi pick-up. There are of course stands at most major hotels and motels and at the airports,
although - again - it is far more preferable to pre-book airport transport.
Fares and zones for taxis are regulated by the City of Houston. 


Effective July 17, 2006, the City of Houston regulated taxi meter rate is $2.50 for the first 2/11 mile, and $0.17 for each additional 1/11 mile ($4 for the first mile and $1.87 for every mile thereafter). People 60 and older receive a 10% discount on fares. Waiting is calculated on the taxi meter at $0.33 per minute ($20.00 Per Hour). There is an additional $1 surcharge on all trips which commence between the hours of 8:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.

Drivers are independent contractors. They are not employed by a cab company; they work for themselves. Tips are at the discretion of the customer.

Special note about Houston airport taxi service: trips to and from Houston airports are determined by zone rates, in accordance with Houston City Ordinance. Passengers are charged the flat zone rate or the meter rate, whichever is less.

Check the yellowcab website for airport rate based on the zone.

Taxi companies


  • Fiesta Cab Company 
    Tel: + 1 (713) 236 9400
  • Liberty Cab Company
    Tel: + 1 (713) 695 6700
  • Square Deal Cab Company
    Tel: + 1 713 659 5105
  • United Cab Company
    Tel: + 1 (713) 699 0000
  • Yellow Cab Company
    Tel: + 1 (713) 236 1111

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