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Houston - Roadside assistance

Roadside assistance: who to call?

Public Roadside Assistance Automobile associations give immediate automobile assistance in case of emergency. Many associations give their members various other benefits, like discount or special rates with affiliated hotels, restaurants, museums etc.

Listed below are types of automobile associations that provide roadside service, travel guidelines, reports and maps.
In and around Houston there are two main companies that provide automobile assistance: AAA (called locally Triple A) and Texas Department of Public Safety's Roadside Assistance.

AAA (America Automobile Association)
Visit one of the local offices to sign up or register on their website. You will need to state your permanent address and zip code, changing it later could be a headache.

Public Roadside Assistance by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS)

The Texas Department of Public Safety's Roadside Assistance, a state approved service, is another alternative. This is a barebones service without any added frills or perks.

For non-emergency roadside assistance, you can use the Department of Public Safety (DPS), you can dial the toll free number printed on the back of most driver's licenses: 1 800 525 555.

If you use any of the following cell phone and wireless companies:
Alltel - Nextel - Cingular Wireless - Verizon Wireless 
you can dial *DPS (*377) free of charge anywhere in Texas.

Once the DPS receives a call, they pass the information either to the local police agency or DPS office. The DPS will send out a tow truck at your expense and, if needed, a local law enforcement agency will be dispatched.
The motorist is responsible for any costs incurred and will have to deal with reimbursement through their auto insurance.

For more information, contact the DPS website:

Public Information Office at the Texas Department of Public Safety at Austin
Tel: + 1 (512) 424 2000

HCTRA-Roadside assistance
Patron Emergency Assistance Team, Harris County Toll Road Authority
Houston, Texas
Tel: + 1 (713) 222 PEAT  - (713) 222 7328