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Houston - Real estate services

All properties for sale are listed online on a system called a Multi Listing System. All realtors can search in the listing through a code and help you to find the house you are looking for. You can also use the Houston Association of Realtors Multi Listing Service yourself. See website listed below. At supermarkets and cafes you can pick up free booklets of houses and apartments on the market.

Verify if you are working with a real estate agents work or a real estate broker. Only a real estate broker can pay a real estate commission and sign a listing agreement with a seller, therefore all fees paid to a real estate agent pass through the broker.

The most common type of listing agreement gives the agent's broker the right to exclusively market the home, in return for a commission paid to the broker. The fee is a percentage of the sales price and is shared between the listing broker and the broker who brings the buyer. The percentage is in general unless negotiated 6% of the sales price.

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