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Houston - Pets quarantine

No quarantine in the United States in required for pets, with the exclusion of birds.


Birds must be quarantined upon arrival for at least 30 days in a USDA-operated facility at the owner's expense. A 30-day quarantine costs approximately $200 per bird; cost is subject to change.

Quarantine space must be reserved in advance by submitting VS Form 17-23 with the full amount. The form is available from USDA offices, American consulates, and embassies.


The list of the facilities at ports of entry:

Quarantine Locations 

New York, NY +1 718 553 1727
San Ysidro, CA +1 310 215 2352
McAllen, TX +1 210 782 7995
Los Angeles, CA +1 310 215 1314
Miami, FL +1 305 526 2926
(California reservations should be made in Los Angeles.)

To import the bird to the USA you need to have a certificate of good health, not older than 30 days prior pet arrival in the country, issued by a governement recognized vet at the country of departure.

Download the form for the certificate 

Once the quarantine is completed the birds needs to be picked up within 5 days. Cost of quarantine and bird's transportation are bornby the owner (roughly 200 usd, but cost is subject to change)

Birds from Canada are exempt from quarantine if owners can prove the birds has been in their possession more than three months and the birds have a clear health history.

Pet birds which left the USA can be reimported but some paerwork is needed prior to leaving the country, a health certificate as well as a tattoo number or a leg band. Birds while abroad should be kept away from other bitrds and poultry.



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