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Houston - Pets paperwork

All pets entering the United States are subject to health, quarantine and agriculture, wildlife and customs regulations and requirements. Having said that, it is only birds that are subject to a quarantine period.

Health Certificate & Vaccination
If your pet is arriving from overseas, the state requires a health certificate for your pet dated within ten days of departure to the United States. Your pet must also have proof of rabies vaccination. This must have been given no later than thirty days prior to arrival and no more than one year before scheduled arrival in the United States.
No rabies vaccination is required for rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs or turtles.
They do, however, require a health certificate.

Ferrets are considered rodents and as such cannot be issued with a health certificate. Therefore no rodents can be brought into the United States.

Birds are a special case. They also require a health certificate dated no more than thirty days prior to arrival in the United States. However, birds are quarantined at one of six import facilities for at least thirty days. This is at the owner’s expense and normally runs $110 for one bird and $137.50 per isolation cage if more than one bird is shipped. If you intend to bring a bird with you to the United States, quarantine space must be reserved in advance by submitting a US Form 17-23. This can be obtained from your port of entry, the American Consulate, the U.S. Embassy or from:

Dogs, cats and turtles can enter the United States duty free. Other pets could be subject to customs duty. If so, they may be included in your custom exemptions if they accompany you and are imported into the United States for your personal use.

Interstate transfer of animals
If you are relocating your pets from one state to another, please note that health certificates and proof of rabies vaccination are needed to cross state borders.

To download the pdf form for import, expore, re-export of your pet click here

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