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Birthday parties
A Birthday Party is a kids social function. It’s an important event that you should not overlook. Do not be surprised to find that a child can remember who attended his/her birthday party up to three years ago.

Steps to arrange birthday parties
Nowadays, everyone tends to have so many 'after school activities' to attend, it is difficult to get together and develop peer friendship, but birthday parties present an important step towards the development of friendships. 
Try to attend and arrange parties for your little ones!

As birthday party traditions vary from country to country, it may be a good idea to discuss your child's party with a neighbour or a friend who have already arranged one in your location.

Birthday Cakes       
You can find party favors in most department stores and in some specialized stores.
Most grocery stores have cakes 'off the shelf' and cakes that you can order with a specific design or theme in mind. Both types of cakes can be purchased from Albertsons, Randalls, Kroger, HEB, Walmart, Target etc.
Specialized cake stores are sometimes bakeries as well, other stores just specialize in cakes. See our 'Birthday Cakes' and 'Food' sections for more information.

Attending a birthday party
RSVP - confirm your child will / will not be attending the party and thank the host / hostess for the invitation.
Find out - the details of activities involved and know how, if necessary to prepare your child with appropriate wear / accessories.
Find out  - how old the birthday child is and enquire if there is any special gift or collection he or she is currently particularly keen on.
Find out - the direction, drop off and pick up time - parents normally don’t attend (unless the children are young); but if you like to socialize, help out or learn how partying works, what kind of presents others give, it is acceptable to stay.
Shopping - it is a good idea to take your child with you to shop for the gift as it gives a sense of ownership and appreciation of the value of spending power.
Birthday card - if you don’t have time or forget to buy one, some people only attach a tag; when you are in a rush, you can even cut a square piece off the same wrapping to attach with the gift.

Gift wrapping - If you don’t like to do the wrapping, 

  • you can buy a paper gift bag, put your gift in it and top it with colorful tissue paper.
  • the department store customer service does the wrapping for a fee.  
  • there are stores that offer complimentary gift wrap such as:
    Bookstore: “The Borders” 
    Toy store: Zany Brainy, Toy Maker, Imagination Toys etc.

Gift value - suggested range - $10.00-$20.00. Depending on the relationship, activities offered, location happening, you can always call the party location to find out  the cost per kid for a party and use that amount as your minimum.

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