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Houston - Office supplies

You can find some office supplies in most department stores and supermarkets.

Houston has an extensive array of stationary suppliers varying from the supplying the home user to educational items to office supplies.

The major point to be aware of here, is the fact that stationary sizes are different from many other parts of the world. The standard sizes are letter, legal and 11 x 17. Letter is shorter than A4, legal is longer than A4 and 11x17 is similar to A3. So, when filing should you already have files and papers from other countries, you may experience a problem finding the appropriate sized materials.

All the regular grocery stores and supermarkets have stationary supplies that would satisfy household needs.

For a more artistic and perhaps craft view, stores such as Hobby Lobby and Micheals have extensive assortments of stationary from decorated, to wedding to construction stationary for children or 'home professionals' wishing to stamp or embellish their own stationary.

Rubber stamping and scrap-booking are popular activities so look out for community groups who advertising meeting times where mail order catalogues and mail order suppliers are widely used.

For school stationary, the schools supply a list of stationary requirements which you may choose to purchase at the local stores or buy through the school.
For office and home office supplies, Target, Office Depot and Office Max are the most extensive chain stores.

For printing, mailing stationary and the purchase of particular mail supplies, the post offices have supplies as well as the small 'printing shops and mail suppliers that you find in most sub-division strips. 

  • Chelsea House Stationary
    5727 Westheimer
    Tel: + 
    1 (713) 789 2772
  • No Regrets
    3179 W. Holcombe


    Tel: + 1 (
    713) 664 6482
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