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Houston - News

On the whole, the local and national news are mostly focussed on internal affair and the coverage of international news is quite limited. In-depth international newspaper can be hard to come by, but are avaialable. 

The majority of radio stations and local and national tv stations have hourly news bulletins and as you know, the internet is a terrific resource for national and internation information.

For BBC news on the radio if you do not have a satellite radio subscription the radio to tune in to is KUHF 88.7 FM. more information on their website.

International Newspapers

Large bookstores like Border and Barnes & Noble carry quite an impressive selection of International Newspapers.

For national news,  The US Financial Times and New York Times are sold in most bookstores. They can also be subscribed to and delivered directly to your door before breakfast time! Some have very good deals, so it is worth checking out.


Local Newspapers

The major local paper, The Houston Chronicle, and the weekly tabloid, The Houston Business Journal is the main source of local news for Houstonian.

  • Houston Chronicle
    Houston, Texas
  • Houston Press 
    1621 Milam Ste. 100

    Texas 77002
    Tel: + 
    1 (713) 280-2400/+ 1 (713) 280 2444
  • Ethnic newspaper American-African News and Issues
    6130 Wheatley Street
     , Texas
    Tel: + 
    (713) 692 1288 + 1 (713) 692 1183

Online Newspapers and Magazines

Try out some of these websites to find your country's newspapers, even quite small and local ones are listed.

    A great site, listing all the major newspapers and their links by country.
  • website:
    Although produced in the States, this site is for Latinos by Latinos, who wish to keep up with the news from South America.
  • website:
    BBC News - for generally balanced and impartial international news.
    The site listed here is a facility that you may access or subscribe to most of the world wide press and regional newspapers.

Please contact us if you have other suggestions for online media and magazine subscriptions!

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