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Houston - Health risks

Hazards - Houston city area

Air pollution is an issue in Houston together with a high pollen count and allergies are the unpleasant side effect of it.

Lead Poisoning
Tel. 1 888 232 6789

Poison Control Center
Tel. 1 800 764 7661
Health and Human Services Environment

Microbes and communicable diseases

Rabies is endemic although the mortality rate in humans is minimal. An effective vaccine is available and leads to very mild side effects.

Random outbreaks of West Nile virus and encephalitis have been recorded in the area of Houston, kept under control with aggressive spraying to reduce the number of ubiquitous mosquitoes.

Anyone who is bitten by a suspect animal and is not vaccinated, must seek medical attention within 48 hours.
Raccoons carry rabies and they like to colonize buildings and make dens inside chimneys.
Animal handlers should be called to remove them.

Lyme disease

There has been a plague of ticks which carry Lyme Disease. Flu-like symptoms occur to those bitten and they can be left with permanent heart damage and arthritis.

Snakes, alligators, fire ants and spiders (brown recluse...) are present all over the country and we recommend to be careful when walking along bayous and lakes.
Fire ants' bites can cause some form of allergy (you have to ask a terminator to your house for fire ants; the animal handler does not come for them).
Animal handlers should be called to remove them.

Animal Control   Harris County
Houston, Texas
Tel. + 1 (281) 999 3191

Animal Control   City of Houston
Houston   Texas
Tel: + 1 (713) 238 9600

City of Houston Bite Cases
Houston   Texas
Tel: + 1 (713) 238 2170

Disease and Health Risk Information

Tel: 1 888 232 3228

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