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Houston - Emergencies

The most important number to remember during emergencies :

9 1 1

The emergency number for life threatening situations in the United States is 911 and dialing this number puts you in contact with an emergency operator. Dailing 0, brings the operator on line, who can then connect you directly to the fire department, police, paramedics or ambulance.


For medical emergencies call your physician or, if he/she isn’t available, go to the nearest hospital. Don’t forget to bring your insurance papers and credit card   without these, you may not receive medical attention. You will be asked to give an emergency contact person. Emergency care is expensive and your insurance company may not pay if you go to the emergency room in a non-emergency situation.

Always carry a medical card with you that states any special conditions you might have, i.e. diabetes, allergies, heart conditions etc.

City of Houston non-emergency numbers:

Fire Department
Tel: + 1 (713) 224 2663

Police Department
Tel: + 1 (713) 224 0675

Ambulance Service
Tel: + 1 (713) 224 2663

First Aid Courses

There are several possibilities for anyone interested in taking a first aid course.
One such possibility is the Red Cross, (contact below), many schools offer First Aid courses as well as many employers.

Houston Red Cross
Tel:   + 1 (713) 526 8300
Fax:  + 1 (713) 526 5871


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