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Houston - Customs regulations

Customs declarations are distributed on vessels and planes in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

Fill out your declaration before you arrive so you can speed your customs and
immigration clearance.

You must complete the information requested on the front of the declaration.

You need not itemize things you brought with you for personal use
- for example clothing, toiletries, portable radios
- if they are within the exemptions allowed for arriving nonresidents.

You must, however, declare the value of any gifts, business articles or items not for your own use that you have brought with you to the United States.

You may declare these articles orally at the time of your Customs inspection; the Customs inspector may, however, ask you to list them on the back of your declaration form.

Persons arriving by land transportation will make an oral declaration if all the articles they brought are within the allowed exemptions.

Articles brought into the United States are subject to duty and internal revenue tax unless they are prohibited entry, but as a visitor or nonresident, you are allowed certain exemptions and privileges.

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