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Houston - Cultural centers

Houston's diverse population gathers at times around numerous cultural centers

Due to the vastness of Houston, it's hard to keep up with all the events. Keep in mind that almost all the cultural activities are centered around the museum district.

The best way of staying informed about the local events is to read the neighborhood newsletter and listen to friends' advice. Word of mouth is often the best way to get information for localized events.

The Hispanic communities have the most Foreign Language Cultural Centers in Houston, followed closely by the growing Chinese community.

For a directory of cultural resources in Houston, click here

Czech Center Museum Houston
4920 San Jacinto St. at Wichita
Houston, Texas 77004
Tel: 713-528-2060
Fax: 713-528-2017
Email: [email protected]
The Czech Center, located five blocks north of the Museum of Fine Arts, is a non-profit cultural arts organization, with no political or religious affiliation, which was created to celebrate, share and promote the rich cultural abundance of a major Slavic ethnic group and their history.
The Czech Center Museum Houston is a charming and very affordable venue available to the public for special occasions and events.




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