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Houston - Climate

Houston has a wide variety of weather conditions. The saying is:
If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change!
In all my experience, I have never seen such localized weather conditions, whereby you can leave the house with endless blue skies and within a fifteen minute journey, the clouds are as dark as dusk! So, whatever we print here, be sure the weather will not stick rigidly to seasonal norms!
To make this section clearer, we have broken it down seasonally!

Fall (autumn)
begins about October - weather-wise.The evenings draw in and darkness falls towards 7 p.m. The days can still be very warm - shorts and short sleeves during the middle of the day with cooler evenings to take another clothing layer. Rain is common, allow for this, but the forecasts are reliable within percentages.

sets in during mid November, early December. You can expect a few (only) frosts between now and the end of February.  Some days you will need a jersey or warm jacket. Often by day, it is still warm enough for shorts and short sleeves, by night, definitely a cover up is required. When frost warnings are given, watch the more sensitive plants on your balcony and patio and watch traffic conditions; primarily ice on bridges.

begins late February, early March, when days are usually warm and evenings comfortably cooler, but a glorious time of year. Beautiful flowers and greenery abundant; see ideas of what to do in the Paguro section 'Local Tourist Guides' such as the Blue Bonnets of Texas drive.

is long from May through September, with longer evenings and the sun setting around 8 p.m. The humidity is intense during mid summer months with summer freak, localized storms experiencing thunder, lightening and inches of rain in a matter of hours.

Climate facts

Average temperatures Yearly 88.4 º Fahrenheight
Fall          79 º Fahrenheight
Winter    66 º Fahrenheight
Spring    79 º Fahrenheight
Summer  79 º Fahrenheight

Average rainfall  yearly 46 inches
Fall          14 inches
Winter    14 inches
Spring      8 inches
Summer  10 inches

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