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Houston - Municipality system

Houston City is the county seat of Harris County, the third largest county in the States. The City and municipality is governed by a Mayor and board of City Council members. They are ordinarily elected for a two year term and generally, a percentage of these will represent their own districts. The remainder of members will take a general controlling role in the general management of the city.

Although you may consider to live in Houston, or maybe in the Greater Houston area, your municipality maybe controlled under an alternative district or county, for example, Fort Bend, Missouri City, in the Woodlands area, or out towards Humble etc. The City of Houston municipality site has a quick search for Zip codes which shows you whether your services are covered by the City control or if not, you will find them under county control.

Within Houston itself, there is a division of 88 Super Neighborhoods, established to encourage neighboring communities to identify, plan, and set priorities to address the needs and concerns of their community.  This is run under a separate Council which acts as forum for residents and stakeholders to plan and to help them meet their goals.

At the City level, to reach the Council, members of the public may appear at the City hall weekly at pre-determined times. This needs to be reserved in advance at the Secretaries office on telephone number 713 247 1840

The Streets, library services, trash (waste movement), laws and ordinance enforcement, immigration and environment all come under the Houston governing Council, plus other initiatives such as community and general living. Disabilities, special events, parks and recreational services, art, education, health are amongst other inclusions in the remit of the municipality.

At County level, Harris County is governed by a Judge and supported by commissioners elected from county citizens every four years.

The municipality government address at Houston city level is:

For a wider look at the results of the municipality remit, take a look at the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau at: