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Houston - Charities

Find out ways to contribute to your community

Houston has hundreds, if not thousands of charitable organizations. If you decide to donate money or valuable items and the organization you have chosen is state recognized as a charitable institution, then the receipt of the donation that the organization should give you is tax deductible.

Author's note: In some case consider donating you vehicle upon departure rather than selling it, as the advantage to both the organization receiving it and to you (for your own tax purpose) could be more than the price you can sell your vehicle for in a short period of time.

An excellent and efficient organization to consider for donating items is Salvation Army.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army Greater 
Houston Area Command
1500 Austin Street
Houston, TX  77002 
Tel:  713 752-0677
Fax:  713 752-0078
[email protected]
Material Donations 713 869-3551 
For information or questions about donations of antiques, collectables, art & estates.
website: salvation army

Donations of clothing and toys are always sought out by various charitable organizations, for which you can use Donation drop boxes found at many Walmart stores or ask a neighbor where the nearest drop center is located.


Should you choose to contribute in other ways, such as helping the elderly or young, please see Paguro section on Volunteering.

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