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Expat Car Insurance - Houston

Expat car insurance advice | Houston TX

All You Need to Know About Expat Car Insurance in Texas

You cannot legally operate a motor vehicle in Texas without liability insurance coverage. Applying for Automobile Insurance you must produce:

- a U.S. driver's license
- a copy of  the bill of sale for the car purchased
- your driving records from the former auto insurance agent.

Automobile insurance is quite expensive. A non U.S. citizen without driver's record in the U.S. will be charged a higher rate by insurance companies. Letters documenting your good driving records from your past auto insurance companies may help you obtaining a rate reduction.

Sharpen your bargaining skills… it will help!, since different insurance companies will offer different reductions. After one year, the rates will be lowered. Another way to have more discounts (up to 10%) in the auto-insurance, is to take a Defensive Driving Course. You can rent videotapes from any video rental store.

Before purchasing expatriate car insurance, check with the State Insurance Department to make sure the company is licensed. Be cautious about buying insurance from a door to door sales person or via phone sales.

Be suspicious if the price is too low compared to other rates. Remember to protect your insurance identification number, if you have an accident share your insurance information only with the police and the other driver. Don't  give this information to tow truck drivers or passengers in other vehicles.

Get several quotes from different insurance companies and study the rules and limitations of the insurance before you decide which company to go with.

Here are some helpful expat car insurance resources to start from:

Comparison of Auto Insurance Quotes

  • BestQuotes
Most popular Insurance Companies 
  •  Allstate 

      Tel: + 1 (713) 974 8008

  • State Farm
       Tel: + 1 (713) 622 8283

 Guides and Rules

  • Auto Insurance Rate Guide
    Tel: 1 800 599 7467   
  • Texas Department of Insurance
    Tel: 1 800 578 4677
  • Insurance Network of Texas
    Tel: + 1 (713) 271 7630
  • Farmers
    Tel: + 1 (713) 681 8400

Call any of the above for an agent near you.   

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