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Houston - Car purchase and sale

When purchasing a car these are the necessary documents:
- driving licence 
- social security number  
- proof of insurance 
- and of course, the money. 

Car dealers are constantly offering "specials", especially to clear out their inventory for next year's model.

Use as guide the Blue Book, which can be found at most banks and credit unions and Consumer Reports, available at newsstands and public libraries.

website: Kelley Blue Book

Used cars can be purchased through used car dealers or individual sellers through the newspapers classified ads, throuch internet.

Vehicle Inspection (gov. office)
Tel: + 1 (713) 681 1761

Second Hand Testing
Lemon Busters
Tel: 1 800 955 2035

Selling a car
If you bought a  new car and then wish to sell it - when it is still only a few years old - you can often sell it back to the dealer. However, this option will not allow you to obtain a very good price for it.
But if you need an easy option or quick sale, it is a possibility!

Look at 'Edmunds' or 'Kelly Blue Book' sites, as this will allow you to see an estimate of what your car is worth in comparison to others advertised.
Alternatively, should you require a formal estimate, you can have your car valued for payment.

Selling privately results in financially better returns, but it is more work for you because you have to advertise it, show the car to potential buyers, keep it clean and tidy, take calls etc.

Sites to check for valuation:

You will see many techniques for selling vehicles in Houston: using web sites, placing an advert in the newspaper, leaving the car on the side of the road with a 'for sale' sign on the window and so on.
If your company has a classified website or board, you may find newly arrived expats a good source of potential buyers.
Alternatively, use the Paguro 'Marketplace' to advertise it to newcomers and other members.

You can find many chains or independent car cleaning companies which will do a full valet service - both internally and externally - prior to advertising it. Always ask for a quote and - if using a smaller company - you may need to make a booking for it and leave it with them while they clean it.

Once you have made an agreement to sell the vehicle and received payment, you can hand over the keys and the registration document to the buyer.
The document requires your signature and verification of the odometer reading on the date of sale.
Make sure you receive the payment either before or by a certified check prior to giving the keys to the new owner.
In addition, it is advisable to get the new owner's telephone number, address and copy of his driver's license; just for your security and proof of the car no longer being in your ownership.


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