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Houston - Car accident procedure

If you are involved in an accident:

- Do not leave the scene of the accident. 
- Call 911
- Try to get your vehicle out of the mainstream of traffic, set hazard lights.
- Even if the accident is minor, notify the police so that a report is made. 

Do not pull into an isolated side street.

Don't admit responsibility. The police will determine who was at fault. 
Be sure to tell the policeman if you have any injures, no matter how minor. 
If your car is badly damaged, you can ask the police to call a towing service.
Contact your insurance company immediately and report the accident  
(they can also send a  towing company if your vehicle is badly damaged).

Gather all important information: 
- The other driver's license and license plate numbers. 
- Names, address and telephone numbers of any witnesses. 
- Name of policeman investigating the accident
- Ask when you can get a copy of the report and from wher eto get it.