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Houston - Beauty care

Beauty Salons are everywhere in Houston. Chosing one depends on what you need and how much money you want to spend. 

Waxing in general is quite expensive, as ladies locally prefer the shaving option, where other services like manicure, face cleaning and pedicure are relatively inexpensive.

Although Houston is an on-going construction site, the sign NAILS, which is found everywhere across town, does not refer to the object you hammer down, but to beauty parlors. 

A Regular/Basic Beauty Salon offers: (Hair)
Men's Cuts/Chemical
Women's Cuts/Styles
Perms/Body Waves
Color/Color Correction
Low Lights/Highlights
Most of them also have Nail Care services (Manicures, Nail Repairs)

A Full Service Salon offers: (Hair plus nails plus skin)
Facial/Skin Care, Skin Treatment (sometimes the Facial comes with a Foot Massage, something reeeeally enjoyable!)
Make Overs
Full Body Massage
Complete Body Waxing
Eyebrow Arch by Threading (tthis is a technique that is worth checking out, very ancient, dating since the pharaoh's time)
Eyebrow & Eyelash Dye
Artificial Eyelashes
Henna Tattoo
Ear Piercing
Chemical Peel

*Ask for Spa Packages for saving

Other Cosmetic Center (Day Spa) offers:
Laser Hair Removal
Therapeutic Massage, Swedish Massage, Exfoliating
Mega Peel Microdermabrasion
European Facials, Glycolic peels
Eyelash Tinting, Permanent eyeliner, lip & brow tattoo
Chemical Peels
Botox (smooth the frown between both eyebrows and lines around lips)
Lip Enhancement
Anti-Aging Programs
European Spa Pedicure (unknown in Europe, as much as Alfredo Sauce is in Italy, but sounds exotic in Houston)

Microderma Skin Treatment, Dermaculture and Physiodermy:

Integral DNA Treatment for Wrinkles, Sagging, Sun Damage, Large Port-Eye Puffiness and Dark Circles
For Acne - Pimples, Bumps & Breaking Out Skin Conditions
Permanent Art Make Up
Electrolysis (60 Minutes) - Permanent Hair Removal
Treats Pigmentation - Age Spots, Freckles
Reduces Scars from Dormant Acne and helps heal Traumatic Scars

Day Spa's

  • Bella
    22210 Highland Knolls
    Tel: + 1 (281) 392 7676

    Bella is an AVEDA hair salon and Day Spa If you have not tried the Aveda products yet, you really ought to go for a treat. Wonderful shampoo and hair products.  Experienced and very pleasant staff is also a well known trade mark of the Aveda Salons.  Enjoy!
  • Sensia Studio and Japanese Day Spa
    1711 Post Oak Blvd
    Tel: + 1 (713) 627 0070
    Japanese aesthetics and modern spa services create the ultimate pampering experience .
    Mon 9 am-4pm,  Tue & Thu 9am-7pm,  Wed & Fri 9am-6pm,  Sat 9am-5pm
  • Uptown Day Spa
    1141 Uptown Park Blvd 


    Tel: +
    1 (713) 961-0950 /+ 1 (713) 961 0952
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