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Houston - Airlines

Here is the list of airline servicing the major airport in Houston: George Bush Intercontinental

1 800 237 6639 - 281 233 3400 

Air Canada 
888 422 7533 

Air France 
800 237 2747 

American Airlines 
800 433 7300 

British Airways 
800 247 9297  

Continental Airlines
Houston, Texas
800 523 3273 

American Airlines

Delta Air Lines
800 221 1212

Emirates Airline 
800 777 3999 

Frontier Airlines 
800 432 1359 

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 
800 447 4747 

800 399 5838 

Northwest Airlines 
800 225 2525 

Singapore Airlines
800 742 3333 

800 400 8222 

United Airlines 
800 864 8331 

800 428 4322 

These are the airlines servicing Hobby Airport

AirTran Airlines 
800 247 8726

American Airlines
800 433 7300

Delta Air Lines
800 221 1212

JetBlue Airways
800 538 2583 

800 435 9792

Sugar Land Regional Airport
In the south west of Greater Houston, this airport serves small private and charter planes.
12888B Highway Six South
Sugar Land , Texas 77478
Tel: 281 275 2400 - 1 866 I FLY SGR (435-9747)
Fax: 281-275-2404

Payment to Airline Vendors  - should you have a US credit card, you will be able to pay directly to a vendor website or over the phone for tickets and then be able to collect them at the airport, or have issued as e-tickets or arrange for delivery to your address. If paying with cash or cheque, you will have to visit the airline desk or offices concerned. 

Foreign credit cards - Should you be holding a foreign credit card, you may book your tickets by phone, but you will usually have to travel to the airport (usually IAH) to pay for and collect your tickets.

If this is not explained to you and you make the payment over the phone, your credit card transaction will not be approved and you will be waiting for the tickets to arrive, while the vendor is unable to issue them - and often, no one will inform you.

This happens due to the need for your address to be registered at the same address as your credit card is listed at, so there are advantages linked to the possession of US credit cards. 

Due to the changing nature of the airline industry with the internet, code shares, frequent flier schemes etc., booking airline tickets, vacations etc. is a time consuming and can be a frustrating task in the States. This - of course - depends on what level of service and product support you have been used to.

The internet allows you the possibility of booking services from your home, but lacks any flexibility and advice that an individual can offer. All the phone links have long, automated instructions before you are ever able to speak to an individual and often, the individual may be sitting in another state, even another country. So, here you have to do a great deal more research yourself to be knowledgeable about your trip.

Houston has three major airports:

- IAH George Bush Intercontinental Airport (also known as 'Bush International' or IAH (Intercontinental Airport of Houston) is the 'hub' for Continental Airlines. There are four terminals, three serving domestic carriers and the fourth serving international carriers which is Terminal D (the Mickey Leland International Airlines Building). 

- HOU William P. Hobby Airport (also known as Hobby Airport) is a domestic airport for American flights representing all the American vendors. As this content is primarly aimed at South West Houston, if your airline vendor offers you a choice of a domestic flight from Bush International or Hobby, Hobby would be your nearest airport to drive to and a potentially less congested journey.

EFD Ellington Airport  - A joint use civil/military airport, Ellington Airport was acquired by the City of Houston in 1984 and now supports the operations of the United States military, NASA, and a variety of general aviation tenants. The airport is home to the annual Wings Over Houston Airshow and is also the place where many of the astronauts from the world-renowned Johnson Space Center receive their ongoing space training.



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