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Houston - After school activities

All of the sports listed above take place either at a sub-division, league or suburb level and all the parks post signs regarding seasonal sports and activities and list contacts for other sports. 
- basketball
- cheerleading
- golf
- gymnastics
- ice skating
- horseback riding
- soccer
- swimming
- tennis
If in doubt, ask the local school or a neighbor. For individual contacts for the sports above, please look at the section on 'Sports'.

Family entertainment
- bowling
- golf
- bicycling
- roller skating
- sailing
- fishing

Hobby entertainment
- needlework
- scrapbooking
- stamping
- music

For information on family and hobby entertainment, ask the school for local groups or read the newspaper, the neighborhood newsletter or the local free magazine.
Music is emphasized throughout school, such as band or choir.
Children, if they wish, can take part in the school music programs thoughout their whole education, so less time is used as an extra curricular activity.

Scouts Club activities guides:
Girl Scouts of America Tel: + 1 (713) 292 0300
Boy Scouts of America Tel: + 1 (713) 659 8111

Some sports and activities have age restrictions.
Please give us feedback on your personal experiences and any tips you might have on this subject. Your information may assist other people in the future.     

This section, no doubt, will eventually be one that takes some time to digest!
Houston can be a paradise for children if you address the needs of the child in reference to season and weather.

Many of the fast food restaurants have activity centers and the parks and schools have play equipment maintained to an extremely high level, so the latter especially are excellent meeting grounds for young children.
All the gyms have programs suited to younger children of all ages.
Many neighborhoods have meeting groups designed for parents with young children.

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