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Houston - Pet insurance

There are less than 20 plans available for pet insurance and there are many exclusions or restrictions applied by insurance companies (older animals, might not be accepted or pay a hefty premium, some genetic problems or known conditions for certain breeds might be excluded, i.e. hip displaysia in German shepherds and Labradors. 

Pet-insurance costs slightly more than 200 usd a year, but older dogs might pay double for example, but there are discount if you insure multiple pets.

Your pet coverage is not 100%, the average is 80 percent for vet bills, which includes routine checkups, vaccinations and tests and there is a deductible which can go from 50 to 150 usd with a cap on the total coverage either annually or for the lifetime fo the pet. The annual caps can go from 5 to 20 thousands

Having a pet could turn out to be an expensive business in Houston and is better to have a pet insurance in order to cover the cost for any unexpected treatment your pet might need to have.

Bottom line is, if you have a healthy pet you do not save much money, but in case of an accident or a major illness you are covered from bills that can escalate tot he thousand of dollars quite easily.

Check the Humane society of Houston, a useful website full of resources, inclunding pet insurance companies.

Petplan policies cover veterinary fees relating to any illness or injury including hospitalization, referrals and prescriptions. Depending on the type of policy that you select we can also pay for advertising and reward if your pet goes missing, boarding fees if you're hospitalized and compensation if you lose your pet through straying, illness or injury. Petplan website


VPI Pet Insurance
VPI plans reimburse eligible veterinary expenses relating to accidents, illnesses and injuries for dogs, cats, birds and exotic pets. Optional Pet WellCare Protection℠ coverage is also available for routine care. VPI Pet Insurance website








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