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Why GlobalEnglish?

Paguro has secured for its users a splendid tool to better succeed in their new life and career abroad

The language is the key to the treasure in any foreign country. In Expatland that language at present is English. Having a good grasp of it can help you enlarge your social circle as well as expanding on your professional opportunities.

This is why Paguro has selected GlobalEnglish as the company of choice to help you do just that, improve on your business English and do it comfortably from home, wherever that is. We feel very proud of this accomplishment as it enables people to defy the limitation of their new assignement and access wherever they are in the world first class English education.

GlobalEnglish is an international company with a global perspective and workforce. Like Paguro users, they are diverse, both culturally and geographically, with a common passion for communication.

Founded in 1997, GlobalEnglish has become the leading provider of online learning and support for business English communication.

At Paguro we are excited to inform you that GlobalEnglish on-demand solution to learn to communicate effectively in English and succeed in the global environment is now available at an incredibly affordable rate.

Paguro shares GlobalEnglish purporse to help organizations achieve success by equipping their employees and families with the English communication skills necessary to conduct a successful global lifestyle.

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