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The very best in expats web and broadcast media join forces!

Bored with the same old weary, dreary topics cropping up again and again in the expat media? Well, not any more! The all-new, re-launched is hitting new heights in both listener statistics and exciting programming and is reaching a brand new audience – thanks to the new collaboration with your favourite expat site
The very best in expats web and broadcast media join forces!

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So, from today, why settle for anything less than something that really excites and entertains you?

With hugely varied menu of on-demand programmes - covering topics such as travel, expat lifestyle, cookery, horoscopes, technical issues, music, celebrity authors reading their own stories, and 24-hour rolling international news – you and your family can listen to exactly what you want... exactly when you want it.

We're working closely with to bring to your world all the best expat information, interesting, practical or just plain bizarre! Very soon you will wonder what you did without us, and our hand-picked team of presenters will very quickly become familiar on-line friends.

And you don't have to sit back and wait for something you like to pop up. Get involved - tell us what you want to hear, and we’ll do our very best to provide it! Music, competitions, chat, advice and entertainment – if is not covering your particular interest, tell us!
Our presenters, the Editors and their teams are all keen to bring you something you will enjoy because, let's face it, without you we are talking to ourselves!

In our exciting new venture, joint programmes will appear both on and websites.

Don't miss out. Wherever you are, and are here to help and entertain you... on air and online!

Check us out at