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Comptoir Nomade in Paris
COMPTOIR NOMADE, mobility management, opens in Paris. Article in English and French
My truth about living in Copenhagen
Jeremy Henderson shares his truth about living in Copenhagen and how it compares to Holland, his previous assignment.
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Why an italian doctor in Houston ends up choosing homeopathy?
What an expatriation can bring to the evolution of a career. Patricia explains how she strayed from the beaten path of medicine after arriving in Houston with a medical degree and a longing to exercise her profession.
Why GlobalEnglish?
Paguro has secured for its users a splendid tool to better succeed in their new life and career abroad
A Brit in Beijing
Oliver's impressions about living in Beijing
Vado a vivere all'estero
Patrizia Figoli Turchetti ha pubblicato la prima Guida all'espatrio in Italiano con Morellini Editore e ha gia' suscitato un notevole interesse della stampa italiana
The very best in expats web and broadcast media join forces!
Bored with the same old weary, dreary topics cropping up again and again in the expat media? Well, not any more! The all-new, re-launched is hitting new heights in both listener statistics and exciting programming and is reaching a brand new audience – thanks to the new collaboration with your favourite expat site
Global Coach Center Academy announces online cross-cultural training series
The Global Coach Center Academy, on on-line academy for expatriate courses, has teamed up with cross-cultural trainers around the world to bring affordable cross-cultural training to expats.
Success in Italy - Free Teleclass
Free Teleclass on culture tips to have a successful experience in Italy offered by GlobalCoach
The Happy Expat Bible Decalogue
what you ought to remember for a happy expatriation experience
USA Tax update - Voluntary Disclosure
IRS Issues Information on 2011 Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Initiative in Eight Foreign Languages
PLIDA now in Houston
The ICCC in Houston is one of the four Dante Alighieri Certification Centers in the US, where it is possible to take the tests for the PLIDA (Dante Alighieri Italian Language Project) examination.The PLIDA Certification Center at the ICCC in Houston announces the first examination session on May 28th 2011. For 2011 the deadline to register for the test in May is April 15th.
Voglio vivere così
Alessandro Castagna, fondatore del sito per Italiani Voglio Vivere Così, racconta...
Gli esami non finiscono mai!
Ne aggiungiamo anche quando non servono Il rientro in Italia di una famiglia italiana espatriata con figli in eta' scolare e relativa saga con il Ministero della Pubblica Istruzione
Going Local in Gran Canaria
NOT JUST A SUNNIER BLACKPOOL? GET THE REAL STORY ABOUT MOVING TO GRAN CANARIA FROM AN 'EXPAT LOCAL' If you are considering setting up home in Gran Canaria, then surely you would want to get the the scoop from a professional expat writer who lives and works there, speaks the language, married a local girl and is raising kids on the island too?