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Success in Italy - Free Teleclass

Free Teleclass on culture tips to have a successful experience in Italy offered by GlobalCoach


March 2, 2011 at 10:00 AM EST USA/16:00 CET.  


This FREE TELECLASS provides you with information and tips on how to enjoy your expatriate, business or travel experience in Italy. 
This teleclass is en excerpt from "Welcome to Italy", a larger on-line cross-cultural training on living and working in Italy. 
In 60 minutes you will learn and discuss:

• Italian national culture highlights 

• Italian values and beliefs highlights 

• One cultural variable and one cultural gap 

• Tools to negotiate and navigate that gap 

• Your questions and concerns about Italy


Whether you are doing business with Italy, working for a company, or simply living in Italy as an expat, this free teleclass will help you understand why certain things happen in Italy, how to successfully bridge the culture gap with your Italian partners, friends and colleagues, and what you can do to make your life and business in Italy happy and successful. 

How Much?

The teleclass is free of charge -- your only expense will be your phone call to the teleconferencing number.  Please sign up to receive call-in information and handouts. To sign up click here