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Health insurance and Emergency Support Companies

When traveling abroad, situations that are easily taken care of in your home country can become a challenge to deal with, if you are not prepared. To know the emergency numbers to call, be they the fire department, the police or medical assistance is important, more important though is knowing what to do if there are NO emergency numbers! In which case, having secured who can provide help in a crisis, is paramount. In such a situation knowing the name and number of your health care provider or insurance agent or least your employer's office phone number and who to contact is imperative.

The list below is given with the intention to give you a guideline of some of the companies offering assistance in healthcare and travel related difficulties worldwide.  It does not represent any endorsement on Paguro's part and we encourage you to evaluate and choose according to your and your family's personal needs.
We also have provided you with a list of keywords to use should you wish to enlarge your search online. We would welcome your input to identify other worthy companies to be included in the list and hearing about  your experiences with global insurance companies.

  • Candour
    An intermediary company, mostly active in the Gulf region which provides support in selecting appropriate healthcare assistance to expatriates and to corporations.
    The company also provides services in another areas like financial and retirement plans for expatriates.
  • Europ Assistance
    This company's services are present in many countries in multiple languages. Europ Assistance has specific services dedicated to expatriates, for example: access for expatriates and their families to the best medical facilities available, cover for medical costs, on-line medical information, follow-up care in case of hospitalisation, follow-up care in case of chronic illnesses.
  • Expat Global Medical
    Expat Global Medical provides medical, travel and life insurance coverage deals for U.S. citizens living or travelling abroad.
    Insurance coverage is also available for expatriates living around the world.
    Free, no-obligation quotes are just a click away with fast quote engines and the convenience of completing the application, paying and (on some policies) actually printing the policy in the time it would take you to brush your teeth!
  • ExpatPlus

    ExpatPlus is a specialist in the field of social protection of expats which also offers private, international health insurance for expatriates. ExpatPlus offers international expat insurance packages: outpatient and in-patient treatment, evacuation and repatriation, death, incapacity and dental care.

    Expatplus are experts in expat health insurance for individuals and companies.


  • Expatriate Healthcare

    A company based in London with worldwide, multi-lingual services and support, offering private medical Insurance plans for the expatriate and international traveller.

    Expatriate Healthcare is available to all persons living or working outside of their country of nationality, with the exception of persons residing in the USA and Switzerland. The plan is also available to some local nationals.


  • Global Travel Insurance
    Specialists in travel insurance, but they also offer health care plans for expatriates. Plans are available to all nationalities.
  • HSBC
    Offers HSBC Insurance Worldwide Assistance which includes medical assistance, medical service provider referral, arrangement of emergency medical evacuation, but also translation and lost luggage assistance to name a few. You can call from anywhere in the world at any time and receive help in English, Cantonese or Mandarin.
  • Integra Global
    Health plans offered by Integra Global can provide 24-hour Personal Assistance for Members, 24-hour 'Virtual' Service through Integra Global Online Service Center (via phone, fax or internet access), 24-hour emergency medical evacuation and assistance (through ACM International, Integra Global's emergency services provider). ACM has a global toll-free multilingual hotline, you and your dependents can call to obtain emergency assistance for evacuations and other medical needs.
    The service is specially designed for US citizens residing overseas, expatriates and third country nationals, local nationals who require international health cover, companies with a small number of staff in international locations.
  • International Health Insurance
    A website to compare International Health Insurance for US expatriates, non-US citizens in the US or abroad, international travelers to/ from any country.
  • International SOS
    International SOS is the world's leading evacuation and assistance company for business and leisure travellers as well as expatriates. International SOS offers corporate and individual assistance memberships, managed health care solutions, remote site medical and security services, international clinics, specialized assistance programs and patient support services.
  • Medex
    The company began helping travellers and expatriates in 1977 with all types of medical, security and other travel-related emergencies. Medex operates from a centralised co-ordination centre in the United States and has worldwide coverage, multi-lingual co-ordinators, international assistance expertise, and an extensive provider network.
  • New York International Group, Inc.
    An international insurance brokerage firm that specializes in providing a wide variety of international health insurance and travel insurance plans to expatriates, foreign nationals, U.S. and non-U.S. citizens, regardless of citizenship or residence, international travelers, corporations with employees worldwide, visa applicants, missionaries and overseas.
  • Travel Insurance Center (previously World Travel Center)
    This company offers global insurance benefits to individual expatriates and their families, as well as employees working abroad on assignment, international organisations, missionaries, and others living or travelling internationally who need annually renewable insurance.
  • William Russell
    A UK based company offering a range of international health, travel, life, accident and disability insurance plans for expats of all nationalities throughout the world. website:
  • Worldwide Assistance
    This company offers travel assistance, medical coverage and identity theft protection to American residents, and more.

    Zurich World Travel Protection (ZWTP)
    ZWTP, a company based in Toronto (Canada), provides emergency medical, health, travel security and travel assistance services business or leisure travelers and expatriates around the world. ZWTP offers unique resources for remote site operations such as mining or energy companies under its “Medical Engineering Services”. Global Security Assistance provides political evacuation assistance and support. ZWTP is also specialized in assisting and evacuating injured or sick patients in war zones such as Iraq or Afghanistan.

Online search

Finding the proper service requires an attentive search. We have listed some of the main keywords which can be useful to retrieve information about insurances and companies that provide health assistance abroad as well as a search engine focused on health insurance plan for expats: International Health Navigator. - designed for expats looking for international health insurance – Navigate through the complexities of health insurance, find a plan to suit your individual needs, get free quotes and much more! Click here

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